Cosmic Offerings

Astrologers are the guardians of the sacred relationship between the earth and the sky


On Working With Rebecca

"Rebecca brings a depth of knowledge and wisdom to her readings that is so impactful, she has a very holistic approach to her readings and made me feel very seen and accepted. I also appreciated her willingness to offer remedies for the more challenging placements and encouragement for what she saw as my gifts." -Nico Williams

"Rebecca is light and kind but still willing to discuss vulnerable / potentially difficult events or traumas. She's a great bridge to astrology for agnostics and generally doubtful people because she approaches her practice very reasonably and without promising anything. She's open-minded and friendly so people can just show up as they are. Thanks for showing me another way to consider my identify and origin story." -Jake Zeeman

"Rebecca immediately portrays her vast knowledge of Astrology when opening up the book of your life, but not in an egotistical way. Mix together her academic knowledge with a generous serving of understanding human behavior, and I received a reading that felt true to who I am deep down. Overall, I've never felt so seen and heard during readings as I do with Rebecca. She has a real gift that we usually only get to read about in books or watch on the big screen." -Esteban Vollenweider

"From my first astrology consultation with Rebecca she was thorough and excellent at conveying new information regarding the astrological realm, and how it has affected my life in the past, present, and future. It is clear this is something she is very knowledgeable about, and her passion shows. She is constantly learning more about the field and happy to share all these insights. She took her time explaining my chart and answered any questions I had. She is genuine and gives from her heart.
I recommend this to anyone looking for more introspection, self growth, healing, and personal development. Anyone looking to better their relationship to themselves and others and the world at large, how to be of service to the world. You can expect a precise reading on your natal chart and practical ways to use this information to enhance your life and guide you when you need it most. You will be taken care of and leave with more understanding of yourself and how to make better choices." -Crystal Vida Reyes


"I honestly haven't stopped thinking about the reading I did with Rebecca, it felt like the first step in the new way I'm wanting to approach my relationship with myself. I wanted to start to tap into a wisdom that felt bigger, wiser and more ancient than me. I've done/been doing traditional therapy, but I wanted to explore more tools as I approach this complex and complicated life we are all living in. Our reading felt like a conversation, Rebecca checked in often to see how things were landing, if things were clear, and to make sure I didn't get overwhelmed. I appreciated you made it even more relatable by sharing a few nuggets of your personal journey. I know that this was just the first step on what will be a much longer journey and I'm so grateful it started here." -Lana Reed