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"Rebecca brings a depth of knowledge and wisdom to her readings that is so impactful, she has a very holistic approach to her readings and made me feel very seen and accepted."

- Nico Williams

"Overall, I've never felt so seen and heard during readings as I do with Rebecca. She has a real gift that we usually only get to read about in books or watch on the big screen."

-Esteban Vollenweider

You can expect a precise reading on your natal chart and practical ways to use this information to enhance your life and guide you when you need it most.

- Crystal Vida Reyes

"She's a great bridge to astrology for agnostics and generally doubtful people because she approaches her practice very reasonably and without promising anything."

-Jake Zeeman

"I honestly haven't stopped thinking about the reading I did with Rebecca, it felt like the first step in the new way I'm wanting to approach my relationship with myself."

- Lana Reed